Workplace Training

Deaf Can:Do offers a number of workplace training programs which aim to improve your understanding and awareness of the Deaf community and Deaf culture. Our training programs help upskill your organisation or company and help you think of ways that you can be more inclusive and accessible to people who communicate differently.

Deaf Awareness Training

Some of the concepts covered in Deaf Awareness Training include: –

  • Understand the differences between Deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Learn inclusive, universal communication techniques to use when talking with Deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Learn strategies to ensure your environment is accessible to people with communication barriers
  • Learn about sign language and basic Auslan signs.
Training programs range from 2 to 6 hours and can be tailored to your organisation’s services or needs.

Auslan Workplace Classes

We offer workplace Auslan packages based on our popular Talking Hands programs in which an Auslan tutor can visit you onsite to teach you and your organisation basic Auslan skills. Our packages are designed to inspire unique professional development and social inclusion opportunities.

Arrangements are flexible and we will work with you to personalise the program in line with your organisation’s services and values.

Workplace Integration Training

If you have a Deaf staff member, our team can provide a tailored workplace integration training and program to ensure that your whole team can be just that: a team. This training and integration program is highly adaptive and unique to each organisation and role of staff members. Contact us for more information about these services.

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