Uncategorized • October 10, 2021

A Step in the Right Direction

More Inclusive and Accessible Healthcare

A partnership project between Deaf Can:Do and Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) was recently undertaken, representing an exciting opportunity aimed to support healthcare staff to deliver services that are accessible for, and inclusive of, Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals. It aims to assist staff to develop cultural awareness of the SA Deaf community, as well as an understanding of their health needs and the skills to address them.

Deaf Can:Do will be reaching out directly to the community and will be facilitating focus groups to discuss what solutions and changes the community wants to see. Cheryl Wilhelm, the project’s Community Engagement Facilitator, is excited about the opportunity for community input that this creates;

“I’m very excited to share the community’s experiences and stories. This is such an important step towards providing a solution for accessible healthcare for South Australia’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.”

Deaf Can:Do is also engaging with CALHN staff about their knowledge and experiences of working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, as well as the systems in which they operate. Recently, we invited healthcare staff to participate in focus groups to enable this process. The information shared in these sessions will be used to craft a series of e-learning training modules that will then be used to train all staff across CALHN.

Matthew McInnes, CALHN’s Executive Director for Allied Health & Strategic Integration and Partnerships, discusses its benefit to the community;

“This project is an exciting opportunity for CALHN staff to create a more inclusive and accessible healthcare system for deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals by helping with, and leading by example, in the process of cultural integration and inclusiveness. It is an important part of our role as a health provider and as health professionals, and important for our community.”

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