• Adeline’s Story

    Uncategorized, News, News and Events / 02 December

    In many ways, Adeline is just your average feisty, strong-willed 12-year-old girl. She worries about what her hair looks like, she goes to dance classes and she loves to read. But unlike most kids her age, Adeline has had to overcome some serious challenges along the way. Adeline was born with a condition called cone…

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  • Shaw & Partners – Parisian Soiree

    News, News and Events / 22 October

    Shaw and Partners held a Parisian Soiree at the Crafers Hotel and invited their clients to support the three charities the Adelaide team support. The event was supported by Can:Do partner Flight Centre South Australia, who provided the raffle prize of a return flight to Paris. The evening raised $18,000, of which Can:Do Group received…

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  • Healthy Eyes, Happy Kids

    News, News and Events / 10 October

    Helping parents care for their child’s eyes. Good eyesight is important for your child’s learning and development. Healthy Eyes, Happy Kids, aims to increase awareness of eye health and safety, and the services available to support eye care.  How does my diet affect my unborn child’s eyesight? The mother’s diet is the baby’s diet, therefore…

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  • Help us change lives

    Uncategorized, News, News and Events / 20 September

    Many people face life-altering circumstances that can sometimes be devastating, but the right support can make these changes transformational. Becoming part of a community can help someone reshape their sense of identity and show them that they are not alone. Deaf Can:Do helped Nicola Ettridge connect with the right people, and language, when she needed…

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