Learn Auslan

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the Deaf community of Australia. You may not be aware that sign language is not a universal or international language; each and every country has its own sign language. Our experienced and professional staff can provide you or your family with Auslan tuition in a group setting or individualised to suit your needs.

Talking Hands

Our Talking Hands classes are an interactive introduction to communicating in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). The classes will help you learn how to hold basic conversations with the Deaf or hard of hearing community – and have fun while you’re doing it!

Face to face classes take place at our Welland office throughout the year, as well as other community locations across South Australia. We also offer online classes for those who can’t get to our offices, or prefer to learn from home.

Deaf Can:Do can also work with your organisation or group to deliver dedicated Talking Hands classes. This is a great way to upskill your organisation and make your services more accessible to the Deaf Community. For further information on Talking Hands for groups, please see our Workplace Training services.

NB: There are two dialects of Auslan in Australia, Northern and Southern. As we are a South Australian organisation, we teach the Southern dialect.

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