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National Week of Deaf People 2021

Celebrating Thriving Deaf Communities

In September, we will be celebrating 130 years of Deaf Can:Do, The Royal South Australian Deaf Society with the Deaf community during National Week of Deaf People. The weeklong celebration provides an opportunity for Deaf people to celebrate their community, language, culture and history; make the public aware of their local, state and national Deaf communities; and recognise the Deaf community’s achievements.

What’s in store:

Deaf Community Day – Adelaide Zoo

Sausage sizzle in Botanic Park, followed by Auslan Tours

Sunday 19th September 2021, 11am-4pm

An opportunity for the SA Deaf community to come together and celebrate their language and culture as part of the National Week of Deaf People. We will have activities for all ages to engage the whole family: food, games, entertainment, varied seating etc, followed by tours in Auslan at Adelaide Zoo, something not usually accessible for the Deaf Community!

Silent Lunch

A ‘voices off’ fundraising lunch in Auslan and hosted by a Deaf MC in the William Magarey Room at Adelaide Oval.
Thursday September 23th 2021, the International Day of Sign Language, 12pm-2.30pm                                                       

An event to engage our supporters and partners in ‘Auslan only’ dining experience, where you will be fined for speaking and must navigate the event using visual communication only. An immersive, engaging experience with fun games, inspirational presenters and great SA food and wine.


Night Deaf

A night for the Deaf Community to come together and share stories.
Friday 24 September, Duke of Brunswick Hotel 

A unique, ‘Auslan only’ event that allows members of the Deaf Community to share stories, jokes and visual games – just like the ol’ days at Deaf Clubs everywhere.

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